The Shoe Crew, consisting of 60+ Rotarians and a few non-Rotarian volunteers, is in the process of delivering over 640 pairs of sneakers and socks to 2nd Graders in 27 schools in Cheshire County.  We're delighted to be doing this but the smiles, hugs and thank yous from the children receiving sneakers is amazing! 
Follow "ME", a KECR program,  is giving one FREE pair of new, high-quality sneakers as part of a larger overall wellness program.  We hope that new sneakers will inspire the kids to become advocates of movement by Moving Everyday ("ME") in their own way: running, biking, swimming, jumping, etc.  We have partnered with Advocates For Healthy Youth and Healthy Monadnock 2020 to help make this program and the Kids DeMar possible. 
The Kids DeMar is open to all 1st-5th grades in the Monadnock Region.  The kids need to complete 25 miles of exercise over the summer and have that exercise signed off by their teacher or physical education instructor at the beginning of their year in order to complete the 1.2 miles of the DeMar which is the last Sunday of September, annually. 
As a result of our wellness efforts, which include providing dictionaries to 3rd graders, we have had many community organizations ask to partner with us.  In addition to sneakers and socks, we also gave free passes to the Keene Family YMCA, MoCo Arts and Cheshire Children's Museum to every 2nd grader in Cheshire County, courtesy of those organizations.
We love this program and hope we inspire other organizations to get involved.
Follow "ME" and Move Everyday!